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Monthly archive December, 2011

The Deflationary Gorilla Vs The World’s Inflationary Central Banks cont..

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The battle continues. In spite of all the inflationary juice the world’s central banks are pouring into asset markets the world wide the debt deleveraging 1000 pound gorilla is back in town and has started to hit asset markets into touch here. Only a massive increase beyond the existing massive increases in central bank balancesheets...

Santa Rally – End of Year ‘Window Dressing’ or more..?

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Many bullish trending charts broke in the run up to xmas. But we have not experienced any dramatic falls that price watchers may have expected. Seasonals have done their magic trick of supporting prices and stabalized things. Of course central bankers and some slightly better economic data from the US has assisted. The DOW cash...

Portfolio Allocations & Markets.. The Multi Asset BEAR is Very Close Now..

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Ok, so where are we? In my opinion, the old trader’s line of ‘buy the rumour sell the news’ has been spot on. Seasonals have a part but they don’t drive the market. We are, therefore, in the process of the entire ‘risk on’ trend breaking. As a general technical and fundamental comment, rather than...

Weekly Technical View – 1225 Support SP500 Critical

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Weekly13-12 Rich

Euro – FX (Inc news update – ECB Cuts Bank Reserve Ratios to 1% But Reminds The Beaurocrats that ‘debt monetization impossible’)

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As we can see the technical picture is very weak. It looks as the though the technical breakout has failed, the uptrend defeated.  We moved to oversold levels in reaction. We have recently had a sideways move to reset the technical oversold conditions. We are at a level whereby technicall selling could/should resume. The entire...

“Buy the Rumour Sell the News”

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We have had rumour on top of rumour. Central banks took action to liquify the system through their collateralized swap loans, equity markets were over sold and we recorded one of the best weeks for asset prices in years. Markets have risen nicely to resistances and tomorrow the euro meetings start. The good news is...

Central Bank of Zimbabwe Governor “Worried About the US Dollar”

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This is a wonderful story that i had to post up. Gideon Gono, the infamous Governor of the Central Bank of Zimbabwe, is worried about the US dollar it seems. From 2010 he has pegged his country’s currency to the dollar. He is interpretting recent events re the continued printing of money and debt monetizations...

Weekly Technical Update.. (Inc Janjuah Interview)

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Short term at over bought levels (and price resistances). UBS expects another few percentage points on the basis of the xmas rally before the cyclical bear resumes. In spite of the mildly bullish call UBS declares selling into strength the better move at this point – which, in my opinion, is the correct move due...

“Buy The Rumour Sell the News”

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Following the central bank’s actions last Tuesday its been right to wait and see how prices of the different asset classes have reacted to the intervensions before commenting and taking too many actions. On the news last week, it was correct to add risk via reducing the hedging shorts and adding a few euros. The...
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