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Monthly archive May, 2012

Weekly Technical Comments – “Oversold Bounce Only”

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Apologies for the delay in posting this week’s technical comments. The Swiss team stick to their call of last week that equity markets are deeply oversold and therefore a bounce should continue this week before more weakness resumes through June. They recommend selling SP500 levels around 1340 to 1350. Today cash reached 1335 so we...

Weekly Technical Comments – “5 to 10 Session Bounce A Selling Opportunity”

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The Swiss team confirm the near term capitulation that we saw last week. They expect a bounce here lasting between 5 and 10 sessions. They recommend selling strength with S&P 1250 and even 1210 as cyclical targets. Its hard to disagree with their analysis on this occassion. Greek elections marked for the 17th June and...

The Inflationary Inflection Point Approaches

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As markets tumble we have to ask the same question we have asked ourselves so many times before. Is the economy, once again, heading into a deflationary de-leveraging spiral? The 10yr T-bond rates would answer this question with a resounding answer – yes! Lipper fund flow data has continued to roll in month after month...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Short-Term Oversold Bounce” Before Selling Resumes

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The Swiss team pointing to the AAII survey and the over sold indicators. (They dont pick up on the drop on bearish advisor sentiment as does Weinstien, Ive covered this on the forum). They are calling for a near term bounce in the next few sessions. The medium term technial weakness remains however so they...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Sell Any Bounces”.

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The Swiss team (and many gurus inc Weinstien) getting uber bearish here and now. The cyclical bull is hanging on to a very thin thread now. They believe tech has already scored a cyclical top with a major correction in tech to come. Apple remains above 555 but watch this level. Weekly08-05 All the best...

Weekly Technical Comments – ‘Trading Bottom in Place’

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The Swiss team remain near term bullish but not change on the post rally bear. Away in London at present so I’ll save more ¬†meaningful comments when back at the desk. All the best Rich ¬†Weekly30-04
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