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Monthly archive June, 2012

Weekly Technical Comments – “Risk Vunerable into July”

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A much wider report from the Swiss team this week. They cover more instruments inc gold, the US$ and equities. They are still looking for another leg down, at least in equities but likely all risk asset classes. They remain bullish thereafter especially on commodities. Here the report: Weekly26-06 They could well be right but...

Weekly Economic Indicator Review..

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Here the regular weekly economic indicator report by WF. WFWeeklyEconomicCommentary-220612   And something below, i found of interest.. student loan data. By hook or by crook money supply must grow in a fiat money system.And note this is now a world wide developed world trend. That is, health, education, heating, water costs that were traditionally...

Three Telling Technical Charts..

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  First up the US$ index. Her up trend is clearly intact and has much room to run. “Operation Twist” is an attempt to flatten the yield curve, only. It has no net positive money supply implications. The Fed statement was therefore supportive of ‘risk off’ and repatriation of US$ which is should continue to...

Weekly Technical Comments – Repeat “Do Not Chase The Market”

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The Swiss team once again repeating the ‘don’t chase this rally’ line. The technical weakness remains with more issues than not below their 200 day mas. Only the US mega caps are holding thee indexes up and these are looking weak especially when we see renewed US$ strength again. On the upside this rally could...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Don’t Chase The Market”

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The Swiss team make their weekly technical comments below. The rebound has finally come recording the largest weekly gain for a year in many indexes. The bad news is they don’t see the recent lows as the tactical bottom. They are still targeting 1250 in the near term (by end of july) with 1358 (sp500)...

Weekly Technical Comments – No Deflationary Meltdown

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Here the Swiss team’s weekly technical comments. They are expecting a large inter governmental qe3 event but weakness may extent into the fall of 2012 before a new significant bull leg in equities takes hold. They therefore discount, for now, the deflationary melt down scenario that some are pointing to. They do point out that...

Market Musings – Inflection Point For Risk On/Risk Off

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Ahead of the Swiss team’s technical briefing some of my own thoughts here.. We are in a very difficult area of the trading chart here. Technically we remain massively oversold but with the bounces being very poorly supported long attempts have been beaten back and you are lucky to score positively on playing the “bounce”. ...
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