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Monthly archive July, 2012

Weekly Technical Comments – Markets on a “Knife Edge”

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As we sit here waiting for central action, or not, technical indicators are demonstrating significant moves in either direction. The Swiss team are using the “make or break” term here and now. I’ll leave all the detail on levels and various asset classes to the report. They do an excellent job of summing up things...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Bounce Remains Intact 1325 Key”

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The Swiss team publish another excellent report. We all know the key levels by now by heart. Of note the AAII bullish consensus at contrarian levels. Interestingly, they also note the euro bounce possibility but ref the low volatility in the pair eurusd. I second this although this is in great fault down to the...

No Comment – Chart of the Week (& Reports)

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P.S. A useful set of economic charts care of WF: WF-GlobalChartbook-july12 P.P.S. And something a little ‘special’ for you all came across my desk a few days ago. Along the lines of “if you cant beat join them” me thinks. ROTH-Q312    

Weekly Technical Comments – “Near term, 1325 The Ultimate Trigger To Go Short”

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A very interesting report this week from the Swiss boys. This is all entirely consistent with low volume summer trading is my own view. How many times have we been here before? Too many is the answer.  I wouldn’t chase any trends right now. The technical and fundamental emphasis remains to the downside unless meaningful...

Weekly Technical Comments “Euro Bearish”

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The Swiss team, on the money yet again. Im back in the office tomorrow so comments then. All the best RichWeekly10-07

Weekly Technical Comments – “Use Strength to Sell”

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A facinating report from the Swiss Team this week. They are sticking to their guns that this rally is purely corrective and that July will produce much weakness in the major indexes. I must say, this sits quite nicely with the way i see things as well. SP500 rally to between 1370 to 1390 cash...
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