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Monthly archive August, 2012

Weekly Bullion Technical Comments – Neutral Stance But Breaks of $1606 and $1700 Will Show The Way.

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The German team stick to their preference for the medium term bearish trend to resume soon enough but they remain officially neutral open to both a northward and southward breaks of key levels. Their short term call is a mild retracement of the recent bullish moves. Like everyone else they are fence sitting here and...

Weekly Bullion Technical Comments – “Medium Term Outlook Neutralized”

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The German team are shifting their technical stance but are not willing to go bullish yet. Below 1700 US$ gold price they remain of the view that this move could simply be a false rally and the whole move could reverse in the next two weeks especially as we are still in Aug. A move...

Weekly Technical Comments – “A Break of 1422 Opens The Door to 1470”

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This week’s report from the Swiss team follows on from last week’s whereby they are shifting their medium term technical projections towards a bullish scenario. They have moved back their timeline to mid end Sept for a correction. They now expect 1422 to be broken to the upside in the near term. They state an...

Weekly Bullion Technical Comments – “Below 1623 to 1648 Bearish & Above 1674 Bullish”

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The German team re-affirm their bearish analysis of last week. They remain wedded to the view that gold will see a swift decline by the end of August. A break of the long term uptrend line at 1572 currently must be achieved to provide momentum to the move. They repeat the 1325 target with 1299...

Weekly Technical Comments – “S&P Overbought but Rotation Positive”

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The Swiss team have stepped back from their 1200 spx target for later this year. Near term they expect a pull back due to over bought conditions. On the medium term they continue to expect a more significant correction in the indexes of 5 to 8%. The recent sector rotation is a positive signal though...

Weekly Bullion Technical Comments – “Range Before Decline to 1325 Target”

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Ive been following these guys for the last few months on the bullion or precious metals. Credit where it is due. The German bullion team have done a good job over the last few months and so i’ll be posting their weekly technical view of the bullion markets, for a trial period at first to...

Economic Data Review & Greenlight Capital Q2 Letter

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We remain at the cross roads and to steal the line from UBS a “make or break” moment in world asset markets. So lets use the time to reconsider where we are fundamentally here. In my view the fundamentals are finally in line with the techncials albeut at a higher nominal level than i would...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Make or Break”

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As I suspected the Swiss team are very much where they were a week ago. Insufficient levels have really be broken here. This should come as no surprise until one of the major central banks takes meaningful monetary action. The technicals are confirming the fundamentals of where we are at present. Its a case of...
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