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Monthly archive March, 2013

Quick End Q1 Comments, Practice, Tech Charts..

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Happy Easter to all. A few world markets are open today but as there is a euro area holiday today its very quiet. I thought I’d use the time to post up a few end of quarter comments and charts as well a few specific trade monitoring screens that I use regularly, in the interests...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Don’t Chase SP500 – 1538 Pivotal”

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Apologies guys for the delay, i’ve been traveling today. Below we have another outstanding technical run through of the world’s major markets and instruments. I don’t want to repeat the Swiss team’s comments so therefore¬† i won’t cover the same ground but will try and add to their analysis below. We are where we have...

Weekly Technical Comments – “US Indexes Q1 Top Forming. HGX, EMs, Nik225 Topped Out, Sell Bounces”

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Another solid report from the team in Switzerland covering the major sectors and indicators and price patterns once again. Amongst the items a wave five top for end q1 looks increasingly likely but its possible that a new higher high can be formed as the distribution is not providing a classic signal yet. This is...

Info Dump – Bullion Weekly Tech Report, WF Monthly Macro, Inverse Correlation JPY Nik225 at extremes.

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A quick info dump here for all. Here below the latest bullion tech. Having been asleep the bullion’s volatility is creeping up again as are her HUI miners. This makes me wake up again on the asset class. BullionWeeklyTechnicals12032013 Here the below the latest WF monthly macro economic run through. Global macro remains very weak....

Weekly Technical Comments – “SP500 Wave 5 Underway – Growing Tech Divergences”

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The latest tech report from the Swiss team below. Many of the comments echo my own thoughts from last Friday. We have growing technical divergences here. Many instruments and sectors are failing to confirm the recovery in the world economy that the all time record high on the Dow Jones and many other indexes is...

Interim Personal Trading Update – “Risk On – Steady As She Goes” But The Asset Rally is Narrowing”

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Its been a while since i completed a personal update. As we seem to have passed through the great distribution of the last 6 weeks, here below a quick run through of my own book, feelings, comments, analysis.  There is an emphasis, as always, to the future battles. Things are good, life is good and...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Distributive S&P500 1560/1570 into March”

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The Swiss team publishing there weekly tech call. They don’t see much upside here and are sticking to the pro risk commodity call (from at least a bounce perspective). There is much to say here and now and not only from a technical perspective but also how the developing technical picture as well as fund...
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