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Monthly archive May, 2013

Weekly Technical Comments – “S&P500 Consolidating but Final Top Still Missing”

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The Swiss team put in a solid report below. Across multiple instruments and markets we have choppy conditions that signify distribution rather than meaningful tops and bottoms for the moment. “Again, there is no top without distribution and/or a top formation, and as the May 22nd top was a high momentum top, we have neither...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Materials Breakout & Buy Bullion in next 5 to 10 Trading Sessions”

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The Swiss team have re-grouped and come back fighting.  They didn’t get the pull back their models suggested. It has taken a month or so for them to really digest/accept this and re-set. We all learn by the rod here that you can’t get stubborn on these things. We are all paid on price and...

Weekly Technical Comments – “5% to 8% correction into June/July but a change to our cyclical road map”

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We have for several weeks discussed, on the forum pages as well as editor comments, that the technical report produced by our Swiss colleagues had got their near term calls wrong.  That, instead, the US equity markets displayed more technical strength than they had accounted for but this didn’t sit neatly with their cyclical model. ...

Weekly Technical Comments – “SPX Overshooting 1610, Cyclicals Outperforming”

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Please find the Swiss team’s latest weekly technical market comments below. It was becoming clear last week that the bear case had weakened. US markets have indeed made new record highs and market breadth has improved which the Swiss team are now acknowledging. Issues like the Russell2000 joining, as well as the semi conductors, extensions...
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