Capital: A principal, investment, money, assets, labour, stock, property, a store of value larger or more prominent; it may also suggest preeminence or excellence; capital letter, idea, virtue. Synthesis: A complex whole made up of a number of parts united; the act of combining separate ideas, beliefs, styles; a mixture or combination of ideas, beliefs, styles.
Monthly archive June, 2013

Weekly Multi Market Technical Comments – “Set Up For The Deflationary Trade”

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The latest report from the Swiss team is about as bearish a report as I have read for some time. The final top call for the last remaining bull equity market is in place, according to the team ie the SP500 top is in place. The Asian markets are in melt down. European markets topped...

Bullion Weekly Technical Comments – “Near Term Consolidation”

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Bullion sentiment, already in the doldrums has managed to sink even lower following the recent new collapse in the asset class. The latest report from the commitment of traders will make interesting reading later today as will the JPM physical position, no doubt. But even the sentiment is now so low I would guess...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Too late to buy but also too early to sell, on a broader base”.

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Its been a couple of weeks since posting here due to holidays. Therefore its a double bill set of reports from the Swiss team as follows. First up for the Swiss team we must say congratulations as they have again won this year’s Extel survey as best European technical report. Congratulations to the guys. Compared...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Corrective Trading Low This Week – Rally To Restest Highs “

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Here without more delay the Swiss team’s latest outstanding tech report. I’m under time pressure here so a review of this briefing tomorrow afternoon. I can say briefly that their report re-confirms my own independent tech analysis here and now. The HGX & lumber tops are important and part of the evidence that this ‘recovery’...

Sunday Reflection & Analysis Of The Near Term Equity Bear Technical Case..

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Hey Guys, I trust you are all having a hugely productive and or relaxing Sunday. Volatility has been stepping up across asset markets in the last few weeks. From fixed income to equities to commodities volatility is increasing here so its correct to take a step back and double check where we are. Its the...
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