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Monthly archive July, 2013

Weekly Technical Comments – “S&P Toppish”

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The latest Swiss team’s report is attached below.   Low volume continuation moves are always possible in the thin August months. Be very selective on targets until technical confirmation of the bear move is printed. She isn’t there quite yet from a US index perspective but we are getting closer. A mix of holidays and...

Weekly Technical Comments – “S&P500 Moving to an Important Medium-Term Top, Cycles Imply a Top This Week”

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The Swiss team’s latest report below. They retain their bearish call on equities and significantly call for a top in cyclical stocks and a re-rotation back into the defensive issues. Their words, also mine on the forum pages: “Make or Break Setup in US Cyclical Performance” This issue cuts to the core of the sustainability...

Weekly Technical Comments

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I am travelling at present. I’ll update this page with some personal comments Thursday evening.

Proprietary Sector Tech Comments – Dow30 & Euro Cyclicals

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I would encourage all readers of the “latest news” pages on (around 500 unique visitors daily) to regularly check and preferably contribute to the forum pages. The content on the forum pages is far greater and the analysis deeper. Here below I re-post a couple of the recent forum comments. From Saturday 13th July:...

Week Ahead Tech Comments – “Bullish Bullion, Bearish GBP”

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A new trading week awaits us with some key equity index levels as well as fx levels fast approaching. First up a very useful report from citi. They are bullish for this week on the bullion, WTI, and bearish the GBP. On WTI if price breaks the 110 level 145 will come into play. This...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Short Term, Sell into Strength, Medium Term, Weekly S&P Sell Signal Triggered”.

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As expected, we have seen a decent bounce from the report two weeks ago but no key levels have been broken here. The bounce has been swift but narrow with a new higher high in very few sectors though inc US finance, ( US Oil & Gas is very close) and in Europe only travel...
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