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Monthly archive June, 2014

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Sp500 Toppish, 1925 Key Support” 25th June14

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Its Tuesday so time for the Swiss team’s regular technical weekly analysis of the major asset markets. Market breadth improved on last week’s breakout but on a longer term basis remains weak. Sentiment has been reaching extreme levels on the AAII and the put call ratio. Whilst a few weeks ago there did appear a...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Gold Bottom In Place” 18th June14

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I’m traveling so I must cut short this post. In summary we still have sufficient technical pillars of strength that this market can press on a little more but the “wheels” are starting to fall off this bull market one by one as a greater number of indexes failed to confirm the recent US major...

Sunday Technical Analysis – “We Are in Stoppage Time” 16th June14

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Apologies for the slight delay in posting my Sunday reflections. Please find them below. Since the last breakout its been a time of number crunching and questioning this most recent rally. Below is my analysis. But first some reports. First up the uber bearish AG ag-wklytech-16-6-14 And here the equally uber bullish fitzpatrick: citi-wklyytech-16-6-14 And...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Bear Capitulation” 11th June14

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Swiss holidays yesterday so this week’s technical run through has been delayed slightly. Price has pushed on from last week’s report and as a consequence some of the technical readings, according to the team are rapidly moving into a contrarian territory which is starting to signal we are moving into the zone of the medium...

Sunday Tech Considerations – “Are We There Yet” 08th June14

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We had some very promising price signals last week and the promising market breadth then resulted in a Thursday session breakout for most the key sectors. The Nik225 joined the move and the bull market started to move forward once again. In spite of some key technical signals that participants had started to allocated long...

Weekly Technical Analysis “SP500 Short Term Toppish” 06th June14

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The Swiss team have reported and they have provided a near term toppish recommendation on the lead sp500 index. The rational is a combo of: 1) over bought momentum. Correct for the lead indexes like dow transports, health  and semis although many other indexes remain with low rsi’s and relatively unloved. It is very poor...

Weekly Tech Trio & Comment – “Continuation, for Now” 1st June14

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First up I wish i could be more certain of near term direction here. Issues such as market breadth are very inconclusive. Lets run through it. The bulls can point to the sp500 and % stocks above their 200 dmas as maintaining a solid bullish continuation of this 6th year of this bull market. Certainly...
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