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Monthly archive July, 2014

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Distribution, Germany Breaking Down” 29th July14

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Summer is usually a period for low volume false moves trapping those late to the trade in to loss making positions. Price is usually a poorer indicator at times when market participants thin through the hot summer months. With this in mind lets turn to some price tech reports before switching to the wider Swiss...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Final Overshoot”

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The Swiss team’s latest update below. Some very narrow specific indexes and stocks in particular are still on fire to the upside. Apple, Facebook and others remain very desired stocks but the selectivity continues. Here sp500 And here the sp600 small caps.. The put call ratio remains at close to record lows. Here the swiss...

Weekly Technical Comments – 17th July14

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This week we have a cut down tech view as the swiss team are traveling and they will be updating next Tuesday. I’m also traveling today so I have to update this later today or tomorrow morning with third party content. Some proprietary comments, technically the weakness of breadth and sentiment of put call ratios,...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Don’t Chase” 08th July14

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  Its time for the usual Swiss team’s technical report and comments. Before we do so lets be clear that there are an increasing amount of technical problems here even as these indexes make new all time highs. Here the 4 major US indexes (charting nas100 rather than nasdaq itself). The situation on the nasdaq100...

Weekly Technical Comments – “Mkts Overbought On All Timeframes” 1st July14

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  Its that time of the week again for the Swiss team’s usual technical run through. What is evident across the technical community is that almost all technical commentators starting to forecast weakness across equity markets. The Swiss team remain fairly bullish on the medium term but are forecasting a near term set back. AG...
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