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Monthly archive August, 2014

Weekly Technical Analysis Market Reports – 27th Aug14

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Asset prices are even hotter than the temperatures in Balearic islands this August it seems. The price action of the last few days appears ultra bullish but i temper this due to Aug thin volumes. Tech wise the heavy weight Apple (the world’s largest company by cap value) is off to ever higher breakout levels...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Top Projection Next Week” 20th August14

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I’m traveling so hard to comment on this much at present. I notice the Swiss team are themselves on holiday next week so please take note of this for next week. Here their usual excellent report. wklytech-20-8-14 The FX markets continuing to trade very nicely. Here cs fx wkly cs-fxwkly And here MS FX wkly...

Weekly Technical Analysis Update – “US$ Turning Bullish” 12th August14

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August is traditionally a go slow month with most market professionals taking time out for their vacation. Nonetheless its usual to see price volatility step up even if volumes step down. Its enticing to imagine these price moves are very trade-able but all to often they are not as they are algo driven and usual...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Summer Top In & 7-Year Cycle Top Forming!!” 5th Aug14

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I’m floating around some small islands off Ibiza in the Baleric Islands at present. Thanks to mobile wifi coverage im bringing you this from well off shore. Finally the technical weakness we have witnessed for the last few months appears to breaking down these various equity indexes. As soon as i have a better wifi...
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