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Monthly archive September, 2014

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Short Signal SP500” 30th Sept14

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Things have deteriorated further from last week with more fresh price sell signals being confirmed across various indexes and sectors. Unless we get a steep appreciation in price, reversing the price patterns we appear to have a near term price top in place. Here the Swiss team’s report: wklytech-30-9-14 And here citi: citi-30-9-14 And here...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Deflationary Pressures Building” 23rd Sept14

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As is normal volatility continues to rise and instruments are starting their Autumn move, lead by the US$ but now bringing in many key levels across instruments. The Swiss team set out their deflationary case in their report below. wklytech-24-9-14 Its a very familiar, one might say classic, corrective bounces aside, model of lower inflation,...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “$ Bull Game Changer” 16th Sept14

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The Swiss are back from their holidays. They have released a very interesting new report which continues the theme we have seen for some extended time now of technical divergence between indicators and price across the major US indexes. They offer the possibility of a new Oct high in the SP500 of 2040 or so...

Weekly Technical Analysis – 3rd Sept14

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We are still, just, in the European Summer, at least. Traders are drifting back to their desks and we can see volatility is starting to rise again, at least outside of the major US equity markets. The Swiss team remain on holiday until the 16th so here another brief update. Back to it soon enough....
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