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Monthly archive October, 2014

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Near Term Overbought” 29th Oct14

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We have a cut down technical update this week due to the Swiss team and AG traveling. Equities have bounced further and faster than many predicted with the sp500 having over achieved sp500 1985 yesterday) the Swiss team’s target of 1950. Sector wise technology and biotech are leading the charge with the biotechs scoring a...

Weekly Technical Analysis – SPX to 1940/1950 – 1820 Key Support 21st Oct14

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Asset markets have been moving very quickly over the last 10 days or so. I’m afraid last week I had to focus on my own practice and therefore was unable to bring you a full technical release. This week I have therefore included last week’s missing reports and expanding the usual release to include various...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Overshoot of 1850 possible, Close Shorts” 15th Oct14

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Without delay given markets are moving quickly here is the swiss team’s latest with updates to follow in the next few hours. weeklytech-15-10-14 More coming so please check back later today. Rich

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Intact Short Signal in SP500” 08th Oct14

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So far this correction appears to be one of the most well flagged corrections in living memory. Having said this is has been well flagged for some time so for early shorters that got ahead of price earlier in the year its been a very tough year. The old adage that “we are paid on...
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