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Monthly archive December, 2014

Interim Boxing Day Technical Release – “Year Of The Sheep” 26th Dec14

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  Its Boxing day so i’m not providing a full release here for a few days yet. I will release a 2014 retrospect and look ahead to 2015 pre the calender end of year but let me enjoy this holiday for a few more days guys. Having said the above, I appreciate that it is...

Weekly Technical Update – “SP500 1981 to 1950″ Before Dec Bounce” 17th Dec14

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Apologies i’ve been traveling over the last few days again making yesterday’s update and comments impossible to achieve. Here are the latest tech reports. Ill be back with comments tomorrow. Here the Swiss team’s latest release. wklytech-16-12-14 And here BreamC: bc-tech-16-12-14 And here the GS Tech: gs-tech-16-12-14 And here the cs charts: cs-techcharts-13-12-14 And here...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Key Support 2049, Buy GDX” 09th Dec14

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Apologies for the delay in releasing technical comments and the Swiss team’s report this week. If you had experienced my travel arrangements (in sea storms) over the last 48hrs you would understand. At these levels instruments could see a step change in volatility as ive been saying over the last few weeks. On yesterday’s price...

Weekly Technical Analysis – Prelude 08th December14

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Here as a prelude to the update tomorrow please find the latest CB report from Fitzpatrick. With the USDJPY now moving to 122 his largest allocation has been a the positional alpha fx trade for 2014. Congratulations to Fitzpatrick. Cb-wklytech-7-12-14 And here the UB wealth team with their own useful technical analysis report on world...

Technical & Macro Report Updates – 4th Dec14

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Here some reports missed from the last update. I’m going to treat this update as a release point for many reports over this weekend so do please check back here over the coming days. I’ll be releasing many 2015 views as well here. Firstly Fitzpatrick at CB (which i’ll update with his new report tomorrow...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Short-Term Toppish” 2nd Dec14

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Another week rolls by with new highs for the major US indexes and a breakdown for many commodities. Technically the more interesting question is what is non confirming the new sp500 and Dow highs ? Where are the divergences and what is wrong with this picture of health? Before we get to the Swiss team’s...
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