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Monthly archive May, 2015

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 2160 to 2200” 28th May15

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Contrary to what many market pundits have been writing this bull market lives on and is moving higher, for now. There are all sorts of technical and fundamental issues with these new highs but we are paid on price and price is showing that another leg albeit on low momentum is in progress here. I...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Divergences Persist On New US Index Highs” V2 20th May15

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Euro asset markets have bounced off some key technical levels (especially euro equity indexes) which has been important to at least halt this recent weakness. US indexes like the dow and sp500 have made new record highs, albeit with low momentum thus far. Technical issues remain of course like breath divergences as well as lead...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 2065 & 2125 Key Levels, $ Top Still Ahead” 12th May15 – V2

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Volatility across asset markets continues to be the theme. The pull back in Europe has been deeper than most anticipated but the structure of the equity bull market remains unchanged, for now. Selectivity is the theme as the tired bull struggles on. The most dramatic change has been on the bond side with is certainly...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 +2077 Bullish, Europe, Buy the Dip” 05th May15

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2015 was always going to be a volatile year. US markets have stalled in terms of momentum and selectivity is rising but I agree with the Swiss team that, for now the bull trend is holding and certainly above 2077 sp500 the trend remains our friend and is higher. Europe’s sell off is entering an...
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