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Monthly archive June, 2015

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Summer Top Forming – Key Support 2067/2072” 30th June15

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We are in the final stages of this 6 year bull market. Europe appears to have already set her highs. World indexes also appear to have topped out. The wild card is the US where the Fed continues to talk rising rates and pipeline ever improving data. The US$ is at her supports and on...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Corrective Bounce” 23rd June15

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Equities are bouncing off some key levels. Europe is seeing high volatility as speculators look to hedge euro weakness and the grexit issue comes and goes. Technically a corrective bounce aside unless we see a reversal in the multi month technicals we should see many indexes fail to achieve higher highs here to confirm a...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “2072/2067 Pivotal SP500 Support” 16th June 2015

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Here below the latest update from the Swiss team and others: Wklytech-`6-6-15 And here Fitzpatrick: cb-tech-12-6-15 And here the stock tech analysis care of Ub.. ub-tech2-15-6-15 More to come Rich

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Europe Near Term Low” 09th May15

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The bond markets are continuing to drive this weakness in risk asset markets here. Volatility is rising considerably across bond and equity markets though particularly in non US markets. The Sp500 and other US indexes still show as many technical signs of a continuation as opposed to any trend change move, for now. European markets...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “More Weak Breadth” 4th June 2015 V2

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FX markets are once again the scene of extreme volatility which is feeding negatively into European stock prices. We have many cross winds here from technical non confirmations of the recent highs to currency confusion and increasing bond volatility. Ftse100 has dropped below her multi month uptrend line support which is a bearish and needs...
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