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Monthly archive August, 2015

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Sp500 2011 Bull Broken, Tactical Low Near” 25th Aug15

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Volatility across asset markets, but particularly global stock markets, leaped out of their collective skins this week. Across sectors and global indexes, across asset markets order books gaped and that’s significant in terms of leverage. There has to be a bid on the order book for leverage to ever be considered. So watch this issue....

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 2063 Key Support” 19th August15

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Guys, i’m traveling at present but here in any case the latest reports. Comments in the next few days. Here the Swiss Team: wkly-tech-18-8-15 And here GS gs-wklytech-15-8-15 And here Fitzpatrick: cb-wktlytech-15-8-15 And here CS: cs-wklytech-15-8-15 And here RBC tech: tbc-wklytech-17-8-15 And here MS on fx: ms-fxtech-18-8-15 And here RBC macro rbc-macro-18-5-15 We are very...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Expecting Deeper Aug Ultra Selective Bounce” 12th Aug15

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Guys the latest report below. Im in sync with the Swiss guys comments here below. I’m not aggressively short yet on any indexes although i do strongly suspect euro indexes have already seen their high water marks for the year. Sp500 im not so sure but the failure is extremely like to come on this...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SPX Deeper August Top” 4th August15

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Last week the Swiss team took a well deserved holiday. Many market report teams are holiday so please keep this in mind. First up here the latest from the guys. wklytech-4-8-15 The level of bearishness in the market is at such an elevated level its hard to go short using technical history as a guide,...
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