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Monthly archive September, 2015

Weekly Technical Analysis – “October Falls” 30th Sept15 v2

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The Swiss team are traveling so no comment from the guys and not much need for a comment and no levels and price action particularly demands comment for now. Near term it looks like a bounce is in progress off some key supports for several equity markets lead by asia over night. This is the...


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Guys, im getting bombarded with emails requesting an update from the swiss team and others. Please double check their last report which stated the following: “Due to traveling, the next regular weekly comment will be published on October 6th” Nonetheless I do have some reports and a few comments which i will post up later...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Strength – Sell/Take Profit” 15th Sept15 V3

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Guys, Big news day tomorrow that, in my opinion, defines if the bear rejoins in the next few days or he is put off for a few weeks to come. Its a timing and levels issue this not a trend issue, if you follow. More comments tomorrow but I like the short Nikkie long jpy...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Sp500 Rebound into Mid September” 9th Sept15

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Another great report from the Swiss team here below. Its very tricky to plot the anatomy of the forthcoming ending of the bull market and the various twists and turns of a hard correction. Nonetheless it seems the team are doing a good job of doing just that. Volatility is continuing with the Nikkie moving...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Sp500 Rebound Into End Sept” 2nd Sept15

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The highlights for me from last week’s bear attach was the short sharp explosion in volatility together with a short term liquidity drain from the market. The most notable other issue was the euro carry trade de-lever which spiked up the euro even as markets fell. Commodities generally fell as US$ also fell. To me...
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