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Monthly archive October, 2015

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SPX Still Overbought” 27th Oct15

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The ECB and then the BOC certainly helped equity markets over come some key resistances. The Euro was dumped propelling European equities into breakouts of their recent down trends. Participants were forced to short cover and any late to the bear camp have been “rolled over”.  Its worth noting that overall putcall ratios are nearly...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Short Term Toppish” 20th Oct15

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Guys, i wont go through what i’m up to but suffice to say I’m struggling to comment here due to life time pressures. In stead ill post the remaining reports and full comments later this week. For now here the major reports. Here the Swiss team as usual. Wklytech-20-10-15 And here GS with the same...

Weekly Technical Analysis – Short Term Overbought 13th October15

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I’m conscious participants here are eager for the latest comments from the Swiss team so here their latest report. I’ll update this release tomorrow with more reports and comment. Here the Swiss team: wklytech-13-10-15 As a very quick comment whilst i agree with much in their report I don’t have confirmation of the reassertion of...

Weekly Technical Analysis – SPX 1900 Support 2020 Key Resistance – 7th Oct15

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We have a very divided set of views this week from the various technical teams. Searching for consensus among the teams is that this recent bullish reversal will likely run out of steam very soon so certainly chasing or evening covering shorts at this precise point in the market appears a dumb thing to me....
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