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Monthly archive December, 2015

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Equities Trading Low in Place” 16th Dec15

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The Fed’s raise in interest rates well flagged and coming in at the full 25 basis points level. Supportive for the US$ and therefore the Euro equity rally into the year end, at least. Levels wise the Eurostoxx 50 level of 32 played out perfectly to the script thus far. The GBPUSD also played out...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Consolidating” 9th Dec15 V3

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Guys I’m traveling so a quick update here with more to follow later today. Here the Swiss team’s latest: wklytech-8-12-15 Here GS: gstech-7-12-15 3200 level on the eurostoxx 50 a fairly important pre xmas level. Draghi’s disappointing announcement leading to a reversal of the euro carry trade, for now. Its a perfect market event with...
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