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Monthly archive January, 2016

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SPX Tactical Low Forming” 26th Jan16

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The probable scenario of a multi week rebound appears to be play here and the 2008 melt down scenario thankfully avoided. I’m traveling unfortunately so i leave the analysis to the reports. Ill add comment in a few days but in hindsight my own book’s timing is so far so good on both sides of...

Weekly Technical Analysis Alert – “Tactical Buy But Bear Mkt Confirmed” 19th Jan16

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The Swiss team have issued a Technical Alert as markets have moved so quickly in the last 2 weeks. With standing a bounce to 2100 Sp500, they have confirmed a bear market and therefore the probability moves to no new higher highs for the sp500 on this secular bull market. (Effectively this mirror’s JP’s call...

Interim Technical Analysis Update – “At Key Supports Across Markets” 17th Jan 2016

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The negative sentiment high momentum failure of Xmas rally has continued so that we are now at some key levels across many asset markets inc currencies and commodities and equities. Momentum is sufficiently strong and leverage has been sufficiently high that stop hunting can certainly occur here but we are over extended and sentiment is...

Interim 2016 Technical Analysis Updates – 7th Jan16

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As things are moving so fast here as we sweep through the 1980 support today on the Sp500 I want to bring you a few more 2016 Outlook technical updates. First up, today, Fitzpatrick’s latest comments. When he released this the support Sp500 was holding but for now its quickly fallen over and as his...

The 2016 Technical Analysis Outlook – “7Yr Equity Cycle Rolling Over, Buy Gold” Jan16 V2

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Welcome to the first post for the 2016 year and I can’t remember starting a year to so much volatility and uncertainty. There is so much to comment on inside the following outlook but this to come. Without delay I want to bring you the technical “Swiss teams” outlook for 2016 and beyond which is...
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