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Monthly archive June, 2016

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Cyclical Bear Market” 29th June 2016 V2

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What a week it has been. We have seen volatility to the upside and then crashing downward across risk on. The Sp500 broke her 2025 level and her 200 dma. She is bouncing here to currently her 50% retracement level but has scored significant technical damage to lead indexes like the US banks, Transports. Across...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Break Setup in SPX, Gold, USD, and Bonds” – 22nd June16

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Its make or break time indeed. Im in a rush unfortunately so this post will be updated later today and tomorrow. Technically some levels to the upside which need to be broken to confirm this, Dax 10300, EXX1 euro banks needs to get above 11, Oil did correct but is now back over 50 and...

Weekly Technical Analysis – Divergent Trends ROW vs US – 13th June16

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The reports this week i’m releasing today and later in the week a V2 as the Swiss team remain on holiday for one more week. Their first report back is the 21st of June ie next Tuesday. I wonder what they would make of world markets here.We can see that all the major technical contributors...

Weekly Technical Analysis – Asset Markets Looking For A Trend – 1st June16

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Another week rolls by and the recent bull rally takes a breath. This next wave is crucial and should determine whether we are still in a wave 4 or have already started a wave 5 of this asset bull market. This week the Swiss team are on holiday and taking a well deserved break but...
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