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Monthly archive September, 2016

Weekly Technical Analysis – “More Distribution pre Oct Falls” 28th Sept16 V2

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Guys, ive been sailing and traveling and so posting this has been a little more complex than intended especially my internet down in the mountains. On the basis that markets wait for no one I post up the Swiss team’s latest comments with a v2 update to this to follow in the next 24hrs. The...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Near Term Bounce Before October Falls” – 20th Sept16 V2

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So we have the bounce in risk and this becomes an important point to check the technicals on the progress of this attempt to rejoin and sustain the bull trend. To recap, it is especially important across risk as we have 1) so many risk assets not confirming the recent higher highs ie transports, sox,...

Weekly Technical Analysis – SPX 8 to 10% Correction to End Oct – 14th Sept16

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Volatility has indeed jumped and so summer is officially over. The Swiss team have made a significant shift in their forecasts and have called the important medium term top on risk markets as in. In the near term a bounce but unlikely to make much progress beyond prior price highs. They forecast in stead an...

Weekly Technical Analysis – SP500 to 2250, Breakout US EU Banks 6th Sept16

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Its been a very shallow trading range over the last month or so. We have some momentum coming back into the market as is so often the case in early September. I’m traveling unfortunately but i bring the Swiss team’s comments that are in line with the recent technical picture. Today’s weakness in the US$...
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