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Monthly archive January, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis – “US$ Near Low” 25th Jan17

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I am traveling once again but very aware that participants are waiting this report and markets have momentum and are moving fast. So without delay i’m post this report up and will update in flight lounges as I can with Fitzpatrick et al and comments etc. Just very quickly, this is a wave 5 bull...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 2234 Key Support” – 18th Jan17

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Welcome back and to the first weekly technical analysis post of 2017. What a phenomenal run up we have had since early November16 across most risk assets, even including the eurostoxx50 eventually. The negative beta turned out to be Asia over the period in spite of initial promising signs.  The ftse100 carrying the local currency...

Annual Technical Analysis Outlook – “Wave 5 Boom & Bust” – Jan 2017

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It gives me great pleasure to start 2017 with the usual award winning Annual Technical Outlook report from the guys. Of course none of of have a crystal ball but of all the thousands of reports I have read over the last few decades, including many very expensive mkt “expert” reports, I can say this...
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