Capital: A principal, investment, money, assets, labour, stock, property, a store of value larger or more prominent; it may also suggest preeminence or excellence; capital letter, idea, virtue. Synthesis: A complex whole made up of a number of parts united; the act of combining separate ideas, beliefs, styles; a mixture or combination of ideas, beliefs, styles.
Monthly archive February, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Minor Top This Week” 22nd Jan17 V2

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Another week roles past and we have recorded, with 7 up-days in a row, the longest winning streak since September 2013. Tactically, the recent rally has been near vertical and many sectors are starting to look exhaustive in the near term again. Playing for short term pull backs is dangerous thing to do in such...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Overshooting or Melt-up?” 15th Feb17

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Its been another superb week for risk assets with many US sectors starting what appears to be fresh momentum breakouts in a market that has momentum and volume. Whether it be sp500 for nasdaq100 breadth is once again confirming the move. Price is true and trading entries are working well due to the combination of...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Risk Remains Vulnerable” 8th Feb17

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Hi Guys, We have the usual tech run through below. Notably the Swiss team have brought forward their US$ top this week. Several pairs have signaled that the US$ cyclical bull appears to have topped or very close to topping as a basket.  Risk remains within a distribution at present and its clear that technical...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Corrective Pull Back” 2nd Feb17

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We have indeed had a false breakout in some risk sectors and indexes but the reversal was hard and fast a pretty good signal of the false break. The US$ is indeed becoming more selective with one of the leads for the selectivity being the usdsgd. (Commented on by Fitzpatrick last week). Alongside rising inflation...
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