Capital: A principal, investment, money, assets, labour, stock, property, a store of value larger or more prominent; it may also suggest preeminence or excellence; capital letter, idea, virtue. Synthesis: A complex whole made up of a number of parts united; the act of combining separate ideas, beliefs, styles; a mixture or combination of ideas, beliefs, styles.
Monthly archive March, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Short Signals Intact” 29th March17

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A little more volatility in asset markets coming through as US equities struggle for direction on the near term with continued weakness on lead cyclical indexes like the Russel, Transports & Financials. Key resistances are holding for the moment, although the Nasdaq just about scoring a marginal new high by a point or so. If...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “US$ Dollar Top Confirmed” – 22nd March17

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Hi guys, all eyes at present are on the US dollar for signals of a top here as this such a meaningful asset for all risk markets and global liquidity. Needless to explain the long term inverse to prices of the commodities asset class is crucial. That said with the commodity prices providing a significant...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “US$ Reversal In the Making” 15th March17

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Its been a fast and furious last few days with a major reversal signal in the US$ as well as a new momentum bullish moves across many commodities, their miners (COPX GDX etc) as well as new reaction highs in several cyclical indexes like Tech (QQQ) and Home builders (HGX). With both their breadth remaining...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Final $ Bull Wave” 8th March17

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Welcome back everyone. We have an outstanding new update from the guys and it comes at a time of a few different cross winds occurring here in asset markets. Whilst the reflation trade is still evident across equity markets the themes of a stronger US$ alongside rising interest rates is damping commodities here following their...
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