Capital: A principal, investment, money, assets, labour, stock, property, a store of value larger or more prominent; it may also suggest preeminence or excellence; capital letter, idea, virtue. Synthesis: A complex whole made up of a number of parts united; the act of combining separate ideas, beliefs, styles; a mixture or combination of ideas, beliefs, styles.
Monthly archive May, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Trading Bottom In Place” 24th May17

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Guys, we remain firmly inside this wave five and i do hope all are enjoying the ride here. I read this week Merrill Lynch Global Research are calling this wave five likely to become a “speculative mania” across all risk assets. “The longer it takes central banks to tighten, the greater the risk of a...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SPX Consolidation, Gold Basing” 19th May17

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A week of significantly increased volatility with potentially a break of a key tactical supports for US (SPX 2380) and European equity indexes. Conversely a strong breakout for the euro with Aud, gold, oil and copper seeing decent bounces.  The euro potentially resuming her cyclical uptrend vs the gbp. Lets cut to the analysis from...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Watch Commodities” 10th May17

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Another week roles by with more pain on the commodity side and more juice on the equity side with a new breakout in several Asian indexes playing the mean reversion catch up, though a long way to run to close the gap. Unfortunately i’m on a boat in the Ocean traveling and so I post...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SPX Bullish Above Pivot 2329” – 3rd May17

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A bullish note from the guys again this week  for US and European equity risk markets with a focus on the cyclicals and rotation back away from defensives. Given the impressive recent breadth its all very reasonable technical comment in my opinion also. Worthy of more comment is the commodity space. Commodities bottomed well in...
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