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Monthly archive August, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis – SP500 Sept Bearish, Bullion Buy the Dips – 31st Aug17

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Its back to the office time guys so a longer update. I hope you enjoyed a relaxing summer break as here we march into September. August is behind us and we enter the most bearishly biased month for equities in the year. Sept 15 and 16 were bearish months, of course the Bear Sterns, Lehman...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Copper Breakout Continues” 25th Aug17

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Summer time continues in the price action in major developed market equity markets. We have a fair amount of chop here alongside low volume as participants hold back from committing in either direction. As we know the run up to this period has been off the back of weak breadth and momentum and so the...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “SP500 Sept Correction/$ Basing” 10th Aug17

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Ok, another August week rolls by and, as so often seems to occur in August, we have a continuation of these choppy non directionally bias asset markets.  We are by nature looking for direction across markets so we can expect a jump in volatility heading into September. This August looks very similar to August 2016...
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