Capital: A principal, investment, money, assets, labour, stock, property, a store of value larger or more prominent; it may also suggest preeminence or excellence; capital letter, idea, virtue. Synthesis: A complex whole made up of a number of parts united; the act of combining separate ideas, beliefs, styles; a mixture or combination of ideas, beliefs, styles.
Monthly archive October, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis V2 – “Divergences in Out performers, Watch Transports” 26th Oct17

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Another week rolls by with sp500 price at almost the identical level she closed at the week before. Volatility has risen a little however with a reversal price bar but no follow through as yet. Lead cyclicals like transports, soxx, tech and finance either not achieving much change or slightly down. World indexes are also...

Weekly Technical Analysis V2 – “Sp500 Losing Momentum & Vulnerable” 19th Oct17

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The drift on up has continued across global equity markets with a consecutive 13 day straight run of higher highs for the Nikkei. The first time this has occurred for nearly 20 years since 1998. Whoever thinks you cant make nominal prices rise via monetary means was clearly on the wrong side of that trade....

Weekly Technical Analysis – “US Mkt Overbought, Bullish Reversal Gold” 12th Oct17

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Its been a good week for the reflation trade with Tips achieving a good bounce and the metals once again achieving a high momentum scores. Copper leading the charge of the metals and platinum lagging. The recent Dollar weakness supportive of course. US equities have seen a sustained bid with many cyclical sectors/indexes overbought on...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Tactically, Don’t Chase the SP500” 5th Nov17

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With the Sp500 making new record highs and being joined by most of her sub indexes/sectors (Russ2000, transports, soxx, nas100, etc, Sector wise check US housing which is back on fire to the upside). We can see this increasingly selective wave five extension has not paused, September or no September and in spite of the...
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