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Monthly archive November, 2017

Weekly Technical Analysis – “Rising Selectivity in Global Equities” 30th Nov17 V2

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Rising selectivity in global equities is correct but nonetheless with ever higher highs in major US indexes. And whats more, in the last few sessions, we have significant price moves as lead cyclical indexes of transports and banking have price confirmed the fresh price breakouts. We have to acknowledge there is now plenty of confirming...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “$ Recovery Over/Flattening Yield Curve” 23rd Nov17

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Hey guys, Another week rolls by with US equities maintaining their perpetual drift up style, ever narrowing bull market. Once again fresh price highs with very weak breadth again and with cyclical lead indexes providing non confirmation also. This appears to conform to all the classic text book end wave 5 scenarios with all risk...

Weekly Technical Analysis “Short Dax, Nik225” 15th Nov17

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We appear to have a market again here with prices rising and falling in a normal manner as opposed to the prior drift ever upward of recent months. Whilst the main US equity markets continue to see low volatility moves, price continues to be close to all time record highs, volatility is increasing and price...

Weekly Technical Analysis – “4 Month Cycle Top in Sight & Europe in Wave 5” 2nd Nov17

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Another week rolls by and its been the theme of continued world equity mkts strength. Rising US$ rates expectations and a small jump in inflation expectations. Asia continues to out perform and the Eurostoxx50 hits her 2014 resistance level and FEZ (eurostoxx50US$) scores another breakout higher high of this trend. Ill leave the equity detail...
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