The words capital and synthesis hopefully capture the very best aspects of why and how we collaborate and work together to enhanced mutual benefit. has evolved from various investor forum sites, including the “gsk board” to then the “mcx boards”. We have all grown over the years as both people and investors. We have lived and traded through various cycles of booms and busts over the last few decades. We all bring our own unique specializations to the discussions. We have much shared capital accumulated over the years around the issues of capital synthesis.
Nothing stands still. It is right that we more effectively share a common resource to reference the past & present to assist us all in understanding likely future scenarios and trends.  We live in a time of high volatility, negative interest rates, systemic collapse and monetary expropriation. As the volatility and risks increase it is right that we effectively share our different skills and knowledge to manage and hopefully prosper through this coming period.
Enough of the history and vision, to the markets.